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Crawler Tractor

Crawler Tractor

Covering crawler tractors with different powers ranging from 25 horsepower to 120 horsepower, it is equipped with various farm tools as standard and can be matched with various customized farm tools.

Crawler Tractor

60 horsepower water-dry dual-purpose crawler rotary tiller

60 horsepower water-dry dual-purpose crawler rotary tiller


The frame is designed reasonably and adopts thickened steel plate, which is strong and durable, reduces the vibration generated by the engine and prolongs the life of the machine.

The lengthened underframe makes the contact area of the track longer and wider, and also ensures the stability of the front and rear of the machine, making climbing and crossing ditches more safe and smooth through complex terrain.

The engine adopts 4-cylinder 495 Laidong, Huichai, and other engines

The gearbox adopts the special gearbox for crawler tractors independently developed by our factory. It has strong power and flexible response. There are 4 forward gears, 1 reverse gear, high and low speed gears, and high and low speed gears for rear power output.

The steering of the machine adopts unilateral hydraulic pressure to cut off the power, which reduces the wear on the brake (disc and disc) and prolongs the service life.

Rear mounted suspension (with suspension) is universally compatible with all wheeled tractors and agricultural machinery

The hydraulic system of this vehicle is hydraulic transmission oil, which is resistant to high temperature and equipped with an 80-mesh filter, which can effectively filter iron filings and impurities in the transmission oil. Install a hydraulic oil radiator to reduce the temperature of the transmission oil during use to avoid damage to the gearbox and control failure.

Installing a water tank radiator and increasing the capacity of the water tank can effectively reduce the high temperature generated by the engine during use.

The air filter is a dry filter, which can filter a large amount of dust and soil.

One side adopts the design of installing 1 driving wheel, 6 supporting wheels, 2 top wheels, and 1 tensioning wheel. Using 6 supporting wheels can effectively distribute the weight of the machine to each wheel. Thereby reducing the bearing weight of the wheel and making the wheel more durable and wear-resistant.

The use of 2 top wheels can reduce the vibration of the track and prevent the track from derailing.

The sheet metal parts of the machine are made of thickened steel plates above T4, which are durable and not easily deformed.

The paint color is made of high-quality spray powder, which has strong adhesion and strong weather resistance.

The diesel tank has a large capacity and a long battery life.

Use high-quality two-way distributor, long life and fast response.

Basic parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H) 2550MM * 1600MM * 1550MM
engine brand Laidong / Changchai
bare metal quality 1750KG
fuel consumption 1 ~ 2 liters/mu, 2 ~ 4 liters/hour
Walking speed Fastest 20KM/H
work efficiency 4 ~ 6 mu / H
gearbox Customized gearbox
gear Four advances and one retreat, high and low speed can be switched
operate The hydraulic clutch cuts off the power unilaterally, and the left and right direction levers operate the steering.
link method With rear output and rear suspension, the three-point suspension is common to four-wheel vehicles.
transfer method gear drive
optional equipment
Launched Shovel Equipment Width 130CM ~ 140CM, height 45CM
Rotary Tiller Equipment Width 130CM / 150CM, depth 25 ~ 35CM
Trench equipment Offset trenching, width 40CM, depth 40 ~ 50CM, depth 0 ~ 40CM adjustable
Straw returning machine equipment Width 130CM / 150CM, two curved and straight swing knife design
Tree digging machine equipment Diameter 30CM ~ 50CM
other devices Grape vine burying equipment, simple canopy equipment, double plow equipment, etc.
product performance

The crawler tractor is equipped with a 50-60 horsepower engine, a 50 horsepower Changchai engine, and a Laidong engine of the second and third countries.

The gearbox is a patented product with reliable performance. There are four forward gears with high and low speeds. There are eight forward gears in total, including neutral gear and reverse gear.

The rear output of the gearbox has two speed gears, the low speed is 540 rpm, and the high speed is 720 rpm.

The steering of the machine adopts hydraulic forced unilateral brake steering, and the power is cut off during the steering process, which can effectively protect the gearbox and brake system and make it more durable.

The machine has rear output, suspension and strong lifting and strong lowering, and can be used with wheeled tractor farm implements.

The front of the fuselage can be equipped with a bulldozer blade and a loader bucket, which truly realizes one machine with multiple functions, and can be used for both agricultural and engineering purposes.

The length of the whole machine is 2900cm, the width is 1550cm, and the height is 1560cm.

The design of crawler tractors has better adaptability than wheeled tractors, with a low chassis, good stability, and a large crawler adhesion coefficient, which can effectively resist slopes and downhill slopes. Crawler tractors belong to all-terrain operating machines, which have the maneuverability of turning and steering on the spot, and have stronger climbing and off-road performance.



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