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What should be paid attention to when operating the crawler rotary tiller

Views: 206 Date: 2023-03-14 15:02:59 Author: Website Administrator From: ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd

What are the things to pay attention to when operating a crawler rotary tiller? This should be the homework that the operator should do in advance. Today, we will share with you some popular science.

1. When the crawler rotary tiller is working in the field, black smoke suddenly comes out, accompanied by slippage, etc., the agricultural machine operator should not panic. This is due to the overload of the rotary tiller, the depth of the rotary tiller is too large, and the soil is too hard As a result, the speed of the unit should be reduced in time.

2. When the rotary tiller jumps and vibrates during field operations, and the blades are not installed according to the instructions, you should immediately stop and check the installation of the blades. If the blades are installed incorrectly, you should correct them.

3. When the crawler-type rotary tiller is working in the field, if you hear noise in the gear box, you should stop the operation in time, and the agricultural machine operator should get off the car to check whether the bearing is damaged and whether the gear has lost teeth; if it is caused by the bearing, it should be replaced with a new one. bearings.

4. During the operation, when the cutter shaft of the rotary tiller suddenly cannot rotate, the agricultural manipulator should stop the operation in time, and check whether the cutter shaft is wound, seriously blocked or the gear bearing is damaged. When the bevel gear has no tooth side clearance, weeds and clearance should be cleaned. If the bearing is seriously damaged, new parts should be replaced in time.

5. During the operation of the small tracked rotary cultivator, if you hear metal bumps and knocks, the agricultural machine operator should stop the operation, drive the car out of the operation site, and check the looseness of the transmission chain and the transmission box after getting off the car. The knocking sound announced by the knocking sound; adjust the tightness of the chain; after the blade at both ends of the rotary tiller shaft is deformed with the left arm or the transmission box, the fixing screw of the blade colliding with each other is loose, etc.; correct the deformed parts with a hammer, and then tighten the fixing bolt. In order to start the tractor into the field operation!



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