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The tracked micro tillage machine helps you to shuttle freely in the orchard!

Views: 71 Date: 2023-03-14 15:03:33 Author: Website Administrator From: ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd

As a good agricultural locomotive to improve working efficiency, the crawler tiller has been recognized and warmly welcomed by customers. In the orchard, you can often see the figure of the crawler tiller, which brings great convenience to the orchard and helps the orchard growers to move around the orchard flexibly.

The crawler tillage machine adopts the intelligent remote control to carry out the operation process, so as to promote the work of small and medium-sized tillage machines, and promote the operation process of the machine equipment by the workers standing at a distance. Such an operation process mode can be used for man-machine game Extraction greatly reduces the labor productivity of farmers.

The capacity of the crawler tiller equipment is small, and it can be cultivated flexibly even in a narrow area, and it is not subject to the limitation of the working space. It is unique and has the effect of corrosion resistance.

Crawler tiller is used for farming, which can carry out various farming methods. Customers can choose different crane accessories for disassembly, and can perform nine functions such as cultivator, cultivator, pesticide spraying, fertilization, weeding, and backfilling. , really carry out common use with one machine, and its own effect is great.

The crawler tillage machine has strong climbing ability, can adapt to different farming environments, improves the utilization rate of the whole machine, and fully meets the needs of different customers. The invention of the crawler micro-tiller has brought convenience to many farmers. The common features of one machine save consumers the cost of purchasing other agricultural locomotives and reduce the cost of purchase.

The crawler tiller runs with high power and powerful. It is because the crawler tiller is equipped with a high-power engine, which provides a strong driving force for the machine equipment. It has low noise and low fuel consumption during operation, which saves the cost of refined oil consumption for customers. Cost, stable when farming.

The crawler tillage machine has a small capacity, can be integrated into the narrow working space, and is not easily restricted by the space design. It can be used in planting areas, vegetable greenhouses, planting bases, camellia trees, etc., and is used in construction projects Crawler type, good grip performance, blending into different terrains. The operation process of the crawler tiller controller, the operation process mode is simple and intelligent, the overall body design is close and reasonable, there are few spare parts, and the maintenance in the second half is more time-saving and labor-saving.



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