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Crawler Tractor

Crawler Tractor

Covering crawler tractors with different powers ranging from 25 horsepower to 120 horsepower, it is equipped with various farm tools as standard and can be matched with various customized farm tools.

Crawler Tractor

35 horsepower dry land type crawler rotary tiller

35 horsepower dry land type crawler rotary tiller


The frame is designed reasonably and adopts thickened steel plate, which is strong and durable, reduces the vibration generated by the engine and prolongs the life of the machine.

Engine 36 horsepower Changchai, 35 horsepower Changwu/Yuchai.

The 35/36 horsepower adopts a nodular casting integrated gearbox. The traveling and rear power output of this gearbox are in the same gearbox. There are 4 forward gears and 1 reverse gear when traveling.

The power output is divided into forward rotation and reverse rotation.

The working gearbox adopts full gear transmission to drive the farm tools to work.

The driving wheel is made of steel through heat treatment, which is strong and wear-resistant.

The machine adopts the design of 1 driving wheel, 4 supporting wheels, 1 top wheel, and 1 tensioning wheel on one side. The supporting wheel and tensioning wheel are produced by CNC machining center, with enlarged diameter and thickened wheel edge.

Two steel bearings and rubber oil seals are installed in each wheel to enhance the flexibility of the wheels. The oil seals can prevent dirt and other impurities from entering the wheels and prolong the service life of the wheels.

The sheet metal parts of the machine are made of thickened steel plates above T6, which are durable and not easily deformed.

The paint color is made of high-quality spray powder, which has strong adhesion and will not cause paint peeling or rusting.

The left and right steering adopts a tie rod mechanism, which is easy to operate and not easy to be damaged or malfunctioned.

The track is made of rubber + steel wire + iron skeleton. The crawler has a large area attached to the ground, which enhances the frictional force, making the steering and walking more flexible, and will not cause problems such as rollover and tilt.

The addition of a 750w all-copper generator can ensure that the machine will not fail to start due to lack of power, and the battery will run out of power, prolonging the service life of the battery.

The air filter adopts the oil type, which can effectively filter the dust and soil generated when the farm implements are working, ensuring the normal operation of the engine and prolonging the service life of the engine.

The line is made of copper wire, with multiple insurances. It is easy to operate in the form of a plug. The outside of the line is protected by a thickened plastic soft shell, which will not cause a short circuit caused by aging and damage of the line.

The line installation is fixed with tools such as iron clips and wires, and the installation is stable and will not fall off.

Compared with 18 ~ 25 horsepower, advantage 1: large power and high work efficiency; advantage 2: can be installed with a cover, which can effectively protect precision parts such as the engine; advantage 3: the rotary tillage and other working effects are remarkable; advantage 4: increase The operation space is easier to get started and the operation is smooth.

Basic parameters
Dimensions (L*W*H) 2750MM * 930MM * 1000MM
engine brand Changwu/Changchai/Yuchai
engine speed 2200
bare metal quality 850KG (with shovel)
fuel consumption 1 liter/mu
Walking speed Fastest 10KM/H
work efficiency 2 ~ 3 mu / H
gearbox Customized gearbox
gear Four forwards and one retreat
caterpillar Composed of rubber + five-layer steel wire + iron skeleton, it is not easy to deviate and derail. Equipped with guide rails. Equipped with plus tooth scale.
air filter Need to add engine oil, the oil height is about 1CM ~ 2CM. The dust in the air filter must be cleaned every day, and after cleaning, add 1CM ~ 2CM engine oil to the air filter.
water tank It is necessary to add coolant when the water drift is lower than 1/3, otherwise it is easy to damage the machine parts and reduce the service life.
transfer method gear drive
Standard equipment
Rotary tillage equipment Rotary tillage width 90CM, retaining plate 1 meter. Rotary tillage depth 0 ~ 25CM (with special requirements can reach 1.2 meters tool lengthening, the depth can reach about 30CM)
Weeding Equipment Weeding width 90CM, scraping the ground and weeding
backfill equipment Soil collection width 150CM
Trenching equipment Ditching width 30CM, depth 0-35CM, 400 meters per hour
Bulldozer Equipment Width 100CM, height 30CM, double hydraulic cylinder
optional equipment
Wheat Seeding Equipment Optional 5 lines, 6 lines, 7 lines, 8 lines
Ridging equipment The upper ridge surface can be up to 30CM, the lower ridge surface can be up to 50CM, and the lower ridge surface can be up to 30CM. You can also adjust the ridge surface, height and width according to your needs.



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