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Group Company Integrating Science, Industry and Trade - ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd

ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. is located in Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province. It is a domestic group company integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service. ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. has more than 20 R&D personnel and two production workshops. It has rich experience in mechanical production and strong technical force. The main products of ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. include crawler tractors, crawler micro-cultivators, field management machines, micro-cultivators, crawler transport vehicles, six-wheel four-wheel drive transport vehicles, six-wheel four-wheel drive mixer trucks, etc., and carry out sales business for the market , Serve agriculture, serve farmers.

ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. is a group company integrating science, industry and trade. ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the research of cutting-edge technology of China's agricultural machinery, focusing on upgrading product quality and paying attention to the needs of end users. The main products of ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. are tractors with 20-120 horsepower and above, leading the development direction of domestic tractors all the way. All products meet the requirements of the international standard system and mature and perfect service guarantee system.

ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. always adheres to the development policy of "excellent quality, customer first", is market-oriented, and focuses on diversification and the development of related industries. Continuously purchase and adopt advanced production facilities in the production and operation process of the enterprise, introduce high-tech technology and manufacturing technology, strengthen employees' awareness of innovation, quality management and customer service, the product quality has been steadily improved, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the market has been enhanced. . ZhongKe (ShanDong) Group Co., Ltd. has rich technical resources and strong development capabilities. The development and launch of new products focus on the needs of individual user groups.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to provide users with perfect products and satisfactory services. It is our responsibility and eternal pursuit to do our best.

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Free your hands, change because of me

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Scientific management, more services

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Take quality as the root, people-oriented

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Work together for a win-win situation

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Loyalty is paramount, ability comes first

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happiness, growth, receipt, responsibility

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Democratic autonomy, management efficiency


Agricultural machinery, more recognition

Agricultural Drives, more Solutions

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